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handcrafted fly fishing net


New England Nets are constructed with solid ash hoops making for a durable landing net that will last a lifetime.

The hoop (bow) and handle wood is sourced by us, from local sustainable forestry operations right here in foothills of the White Mountains.   We use no imported woods in the construction of our nets which produces a net that has a minimal carbon footprint by using locally sourced materials to produce one of the finest eco-friendly fishing nets made in the USA.

Our nets come with beautifully-figured woods as they are discovered. Tiger maple, Black walnut, and heartwood birch are often in supply.  The unique wood we find make each net an individual work of art. All nets have one coat of oil and 3 coats of proprietary exterior grade industrial strength polyurethane with UV filters. Each net is equipped with a brass screw eye at the end of the handle. Personal nets also have an additional brass D-ring on the hoop for attaching to a vest. The canoe and boat nets  have a row of inlaid markers, made from contrasting wood, for use of measuring your fish. All of New England Nets are outfitted with fish friendly lightweight rubber bags in either clear or black. 


Lifetime guarantee! Simple, if one of our nets fails due to workmanship please contact us and  send it back postage paid and we will send you a new one.  This warranty does not cover damage from neglect or misuse.  Rubber bags are not covered but we will gladly sell you a new replacement bag. 

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