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  • What is the weight difference between all the handlewood types?
    The handle wood weight differs slighlty with maple and birch being the heavier woods and black walnut and cherry being lighter weight woods. We are only talking a few ounces here but some want the lightest possible net.
  • Which net should I get?
    Net choice can be a personal thing. If you target big fish most of the year then you want a net with a large hoop. If you fish small streams or rivers and your average fish is 14" or less then a small hooped net is great and saves on the weight. Some fisherwoman like short nets while others want an extended reach and are willing to carry the net in their belt or net holster. The only fail proof solution is to buy a net for every occasion!
  • Why does my net look different than the one in the online picture?
    Every net from New England Nets is unique in its own way. The shade of each piece of wood, the grain pattern and the character will be different in every net making your net nearly one of a kind.
  • Why are your nets out of stock?
    We try to keep up with demand but this is not our full time job. We strive to have every net style in stock and in some wood type, but cannot gaurantee its availablity in every wood species category. Please check back often as we try to replenish net stock as often as possible and appreciate the interest.
  • What color net bag should I get?
    This is a personal preference as some fishermen or woman like clear bags on their nets but if you fish tannin stained water like we have here in the east your clear net may become discolored over time. Black always looks good with a nice contrast to any of the wood varieties we use. Many claim the clear bag cannot be seen by the fish but I contend once the fish sees you or the boat it doesnt much matter what color your net bag is.
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