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34" Kayak/Canoe Landing Net

34" Kayak/Canoe Landing Net



Although labeled as a Kayak net this net is a fusion of a Catch and Release net and a longer handle, making for the perfectly balanced mid length net for any occasion.  Whether on the river or in the boat the Kayak net has become a favorite of anglers.  Our nets have a soft rubber bag proven to minimize the effects of catch-and-release practices.  This helps you increase the sustainability of your sport by increasing the odds your released catch can be caught another day. Lightweight and well balanced, New England nets are ultra light, have rounded flared handle designs to provide an ergonomic, secure grip when it counts the most. Aproximate net weight of 1lb. 

Overall length- 34”

Bow width- 11”

Bow length- 16”

Bag Depth- 14”

  • Lifetime Warranty

    If one of our nets delaminates  send it back to us postage paid and we will send you a new one.  Rubber bags are not covered but we will gladly sell you a new replacement bag. 

  • Measurements

    Overall length: 34"
    Hoop: 11"x17"